Home Front Tack

I am Hailey,I'm 22.I am for the Union.I live in New York.It is August 15-19,1861-1865.I am living with Brent,they are stationed in Virginia.

Day 1-August 15,1861.

Today is my birthday.I woke up to do my daily chores. First I made breakfast for my daughter,Payton.I watered my plants.I fed the cows.I told my daughter to clean her room,and then I vacuumed.In the afternoon,my daughter would go outside and play,while I made lunch.After lunch was over. We did they dishes. Then we went and walked all the animals.After getting most things done.We almost forgot we had to do laundry.

My family and I helped the war,by sending them money.We also sent care-packages,with food and things like that.

Day 2,August 16,1861

Dear Brent,

It's been a hard time,since you left for the war. Payton is now 6.We got some news a couple months ago.I am pregnant! Let's hope it is a boy so he can follow in your footsteps.You are our hero.We appreciate everything you do.I hope you come home soon,we really miss you.You miss so much,Payton just finished kindergarten.Oh man the news paper was just delivered and it says there was a battle. Were you in the battle of Big Bethel?I hope you weren't injured.

Love Always,


Day 3,August 17,1861.

Today,Payton and I went to the doctors.It's a boy,I can't be any happier.After we went to the doctors,we had to go and get the groceries.As we got home and I was cleaning up the kitchen,Payton started getting sick.From there I cleaned her up and then had to wash her bed sheets.Then I went back to my business and finished cleaning the kitchen. After that,I went and cleaned the bathroom and all the bedrooms.

We helped the war one by I made them so food.I also made blankets. My daughter and I also went out and bought some rifles for them to use.I sent them off early this morning.

Day 4.August 18.

Dear Hailey,

I can't believe your pregnant! Did you find out what the baby is? I can't wait to come home and see you.I lost my right leg in the battle.They are sending me back home soon,so I can see you guys and they can fix my leg. See you soon.

Love Always,


I cried,I miss him so much.Payton cried and was so excited that he was coming home soon.The Battle of Port Royal Sound earliest amphibious operations of the American Civil War,They made a blockade and it sunk.

Day 5.August 19,1865

Abe was assassinated.This is such a horrible day.Everyone is so upset.I wish there was something that I could do to help out Mrs.Lincoln. My family is so devastated. He helped out the war so much.

I can't believe this happened.We are so upset.

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