Gilded Age Politics

Arthur trying to hide behind office of president from cronies in NYC


The term "Gilded Age" is often used to describe the period between the 1870s and 1900 because of the facade of wealth and prosperity supposedly masked the corruption and decay of American political life.  the highly publicized and unethical tactics of Boss Tweed made Tammany Hall, the Democratic headquarters in NYC, the symbol for graft and business control of government throughout the nation.  In this lesson, you will be learning more about the scandals that riddled presidents and corruption that seemed to reach every sphere in America.  Answer questions to the videos on the handout or a Google form- be sure to read the messages to know the difference.

Complete the questions in the Google form after watching the Tammany Hall video.

After watching this video analyze the political cartoon on the back of the paper.  Answer the following questions first on the bottom of the handout (COMPLETE SENTENCES)

  1. What is the main action in the cartoon?
  2. Summarize in a sentence the main idea of the cartoon.

You need to annotate the cartoon by labeling it with the list below. (See example on the front board if you are unclear)  Explain what the following represent:

  1. the tiger
  2. the woman in the foreground
  3. her sword
  4. the cloth
  5. the document
  6. sphere

Gilded Age President Rating

On a post-it note, choose the Gilded Age president you find to be the least corrupt of the age.  In one sentence explain why you chose him as your least corrupt and put on the white board under the president's name.