Hindenburg's trip to the ground in a fiery mass.

The Hindenburg Disaster - The tragedy that shocked the world on May 6, 1937.


According to Unmuseum.org, the Hindenburg was a German airship that was heading to Lakehurst when it burst into flames when attempting to land.

1. The cause of this disaster was an atmospheric spark between the air and the electrical setup.

2. The back was the first part to explode and burn.


According to Modern World History Online, after WW1, the Nazi Germans created airships, including the Hindenburg. These flames marked the end of the historical era of airships.

1. The Hindenburg had a sister ship called the Graf Zeppelin.

2. Thirty-six people total died in this tragedy.


History.com says that the Hindenburg wasn't just chaos, but also interesting, filled with fascinating facts.

1. The number of survivors outnumbered the number of deaths.

2. The main purpose of the Hindenburg's first flight was for Nazi propoganda


Eyewitnesstohistory.com says that the Hindenburg wasn't just a blimp. It was a luxurious, 804 foot long airship that people hoped to have a bright future, but sadly it didn't. It had a bright, fiery ending though.

1. The final trip that the Hindenburg was making, from Germany to New Jersey, was sixty hours long at a speed of eighty-two mph, powered by 1,050 hp engines.

2. The Hindenburg had many luxurious benefits such as a dining room, lounge, passenger cabins, and promenades.

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