Blubbr Tv in Education

Bubbr Tv is a site where you can create trivia / quizzes using youtube videos clips (less than 20 second video clips). Students are timed while answering the questions and they receive a score on each quiz. I usually set a score that students must achieve in order to turn in. My students use the snipping tool or screen capture tool to capture their score. Students love the aspect of competing against my score and other students. Students will also retake the quizzes over and over to achieve this score. Students love this type of quiz because blubbr tv is very interactive and engaging. One of the greatest features is that you control the content on the Blubbr Tv.

Think of how students can create their own Blubbr Tv quiz for themselves, parents, teachers, and students. Students will have to plan and create their own quizzes using 21st Century skills. Students will be in control of the creating a quiz. The quizzes could also be used in a flipped classroom setting and adding Gamification in your class. Please see the examples and videos below.

Example quiz