Movie Poster Evaluating

It catches your eye with the close up face and how the title of the movie sticks out with the bold title. I like how the dark colors and the light colors are mixed. Like where the black, yellow, and red are. I thought this image was shocking because you see this blue face that's not human. The blue people are called avatars. They have a sacred home. At the sacred home which is a tree. They go to the tree if something good or bad is happening. There are people trying to learn about there lifestyle. So they make robotic avatars that people control. They have to learn how to hunt and speak into there language. They need to learn how to connect with the animals. So when they learn there lifestyle they want to take down all the trees where they live and then it becomes a huge battle. In the end the avatars figure out that the humans in the robotic avatars are fake but the cared about the.

Movie Trailer Evaluation

This trailer makes me want to go see the movie because mark wahlberg gets set up and it showing how he is going to get revenge but then the trailer stops leaving you clueless of whats going to happen. The people that like action movies would that makes people want to see it. The climax of this movie is where he goes to help the government kill the president. then after that everything goes down. After the president gets shot they try to kill mark wahlberg because it was a setup. He escapes and and then that's when he wants revenge. I think that they only used clips from the beginning so it makes you want to see the ending and figure out what happens.

Top Three Marketing Strategies

I think the top strategy is trailer, TV commercials. I think that is the top strategy because lots of people watch TV. I believe that most people see movie trailers from TV. i could relate to this because all the movies Iv'e wanted to see i always see the trailer during a commercial. I also hear lots of people talk about how they saw this commercial so then they want to see it. so they go home and look it up. That brings up the next strategy. I think the second best strategy is vine, instagram, and YouTube. The reason i think that is next is because lots of people have vine, instagram, and YouTube. I like this strategy because if one person likes they will tell their friends to look it up and they will see it. i think that if they do a vine it would work great. I thought if they make a vine they could make a little video of where climax is and then at the end show the release date. That would make the customer want to see want the rising point is and the resolution. I think that TV appearances by actors would be a good strategy. I think that would work because if you like actor thats in the movie it might change your mind on wether or not you want to go. The actor could also tell you a little bit about the movie that you would never understand. If you didn't like the actor you might change your mind after his speech. The actor might be really funny and you like humor so you would probably want to go to his movie and see how he is acting.

Theme Park Manager

If i owned a theme park i would want allot of fun and attracting rides. i would want to have a water park so people could cool off in the summer. I would want to make the prices high at the beginning because that's when it opens. I would like the prices high because its hot in the summer and people go to water parks in the summer to cool off. I think that if you had a VIP pass you could get more people to go there. I would make the VIP pass give you the eligibility to move to the front of the lines. not only would more people want it but they would be more satisfied with the park. So then they will come back or they will tell there friends and their friends might come to the park and get it to. You will get more customers and you can get more money because the pass would cost double the regular pass. Towards the end of the year i would lower the prices because not as many people would want to go in the cold. I would have a Halloween thing. I could relate to that because valley fair has it and they make a lot of money from having a haunted trail. If the trail is good more people would hear about it and the next year they might have more customers. I think that if there are water parks that don get enough customers they should do more advertising. They could attract customers if they had lower prices. Then once they start coming raise the prices little by little.

TV strategies

I think that a good strategy would be selling commercial time. This would be a good strategy if your show is popular. That way the commercials will cost more and you will make more money. I think that if the company that wanted a commercial on your show it should cost more depending on the popularity of the commercial. I think another really good strategy is to sell it to netfix or hulu plus. I think that this would help the TV show because if someone watches it and likes it maybe they will go on TV and watch the new releases. Therefore they would be getting more customers to hopefully buy their merchandise. Not only will you get more money you get more people to buy your stuff.

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