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By: Dylan Burleson

If you don't want it we got another

Constantinople's geography is a peninsula which means it is surrounded by water on three sides. It was really easy to defend because it was surrounded by water on three sides and the only ways to attack were to go by land or water which were both really risky attack. The only way to get attacked are to take down the walls which are really hard to do because there are three rows of walls and they each have their own little castles.

Constantinople's government was also working with the religious leaders which would look in the holy bible to see what to do to a person who caused trouble. They will also help you if you are sick or injured or if you need food or money for a price though which would be sweeping the streets or weeding the gardens. The government was a religious government because they would look for answers what to do to a person if they would cause a sin.

Constantinople is a christian city which means they worship Christ. They worshiped Christ because he was the only god they believed in because he was the only god not like the Romans gods which their were many of them. They worship Christ because the punishments he gave were more severe than the Roman gods and also they worshiped God because he is the only true living god which they knew his story is true and not a myth.

The daily life of Constantinople is mainly based on religious events or chariot races that were played in the Hippodrome. They will occasionally attend church at least once or more daily and route for their color team for the chariot races. The colors were blue , green , red and white. The most popular church was the Eastern Orthodox Church which was the most complicated church in Constantinople.

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