Tyrell is an 14 year old, African American teenager dealing with everyday teen struggles like getting along with his mother and keeping his girl troubles out of the way, except he has a lot more to deal with than that, and a whole bunch of distractions and temptations. Tyrell,Troy his little brother, and mother are evicted from his apartment in the Bronx, and Tyrell’s mother expects him to support the family,while his father is in jail. While living in a roach infested motel for a couple of weeks Tyrell tries to watch out for his family, but he also learns to watch out for himself and sometimes to rearrange his priorities. Tyrell, who had to grow up fast, faces a lot of questions and decisions, some more relevant to an average teen than others. Does he cheat on his girlfriend? Sell drugs in the neighborhood to get by? Become just like his father? Be loyal to himself or to others? Who can he trust? Tyrell gets a money-making idea and runs with it, taking him to interesting places and causing him to meet interesting people –some new and some old. Somehow, Tyrell manages to keep it all together, even if he makes a few mistakes along the way. Tyrell has to think twice before he makes his decisions because he not only has to think of himself however for his little brother and girlfriend. He can't just do something like sell drugs or steal because he'll end up exactly like his father. Tyrell remembered when he was little his father taught him how to DJ. Tyrell thought in his head "what if i made a party with no drugs nor no booze and charge them to go in and i could DJ the party." Tyrell loves the idea however he lives in the bad side of the Bronx. The question that the books leaves us with is "Will Tyrell succeed with his plan or will he end up just like his dad in jail?"

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