5th Grade Parent Orientation

Welcome to Armand Bayou Fifth Grade!!!


  • Must be in homeroom by 8:15 or tardy
  • Early Access- Homeroom- 7:45-8:00 
  • Dreambox Lab 7:30-8 (Math program in computer lab)
  • Child Nutrition
  • Grading Procedures- Daily Grades 75%, Major/Assessments 20%, Homework 5% 
    • Classwork
      • One Day Late(Max of 90), 2 Days Late(max of 80), then the student will have the option to complete the assignment in after school tutoring or study hall.
    • Homework
      • One Day Late(Max of 90), 2 Days Late(max of 80), then a zero.
  • Volunteers requested for many events. Must register online for security clearance.
    • Fall Festival- October 8
    • Winter Ball -Jan 28
    • Room parents
  • Phone calls home only for emergencies. Please keep an emergency fund in your child’s lunch account.
  • No snacks in classrooms. Water Bottles must be filled with water and taken home on a weekly basis.
  • Birthday treats at 2:30pm (Recess is from 2:45-3:00)
  • Refer to the handbook for policies regarding make-up work.


  • www.LivingTree.com is great for updates and a connection to the classroom
  • Each switch team will email out a link to sign up for a conference; conference time is from 11:30-11:50.
  • CCISD Parent Handbook has the information that you need
  • CCISD4ME and Skyward
  • Latitude to Learn Tablet
  • Classdojo behavior
  • Tuesday folders- Return on Wednesday with parent signature
  • Planner is communication tool, we are going digital.
  • Progress Reports will be digital this year. If you need a paper copy, you can change your settings on Skyward.
  • Dismissal Procedures – any change in dismissal procedures must go through the front office.  All dismissal changes must be  Hand Written.
  • Bad Weather Dismissal- All walkers/bikers become car riders.  Please make sure that we have a updated contact, or appropriate alternate.  
  • Up to date emails and phone numbers are necessary
  • Cell phones – check handbook for procedures
  • The email avenue is the quickest and easiest way to contact us, except in case of change in dismissal.

Curriculum –


  • Hands-on learning using a reflective notebook
  • Science Fair    

Social Studies

  • History of the US
    • Memorizing the 50 states cumulatively, 10 at a time
  • Living Museum in the Spring Semester


  • Assigned on Monday and Due on Friday (handed out in class, extras available)
  • Problem Solving/Real Life Math


  • Weekly Reading Log 80 min each week, Cursive and Word Work
  • Individualized and group instruction

Please schedule a conference with your student's homeroom teacher. We conference as a team, all three teachers. You can sign up using the GoogleDoc we have set up and will email out to you tonight.

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