Robert E. Lee

Is The Most Awsome Man Of The Civil War

Evidence 1:  He was a soldier in the U.S. for 32 years, and 39 years in total as well as became a commanding general.

Warrant 1:   He served for 39 years and was in the Mexican American War, Harpers Ferry Raid, and also the American Civil War. Lee went to west point military academy and right afterwords the military went to war with mexico and gave him the opportunity to prove his worth. He proved himself as a great commander, as well as a great tactican, and his loyalty to the military moved him up fast in the ranks.

Warrant 2:   Durring the Mexican American War, he served as Super Intendent of the Unites States Military Academy. In the aftermath of the war, Lee was help by most as a hero, but General Scott help him with particular praise and said  that in the incedent of another war, that the government should take out a life insurance policy on Commander Lee.

Warrant 3:   Lee became the president of the Washington and Lee University after the war. He supported president Andrew Johnson's program of reconstruction, and intersectional fellowship.  Abraham lincoln offered Commander Lee the opportunity to command the union forces, but Lee declined the offer and resigned from the military.

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