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My name is Mayce Lagaly I am 14 years old.

I am for the Union.

I live in Ohio.

Its May 19, 1862

I live with my cousin, my Uncle serves in the War and he's stationed in New York .

Day 1. May 20th 1962.

My aunt helps wounded soldiers. So this morning I gave apples to all of our "guests" for breakfast. Then I got water and helped the men who couldn't do it themselves drink. I also washed out wounds and re- wrapped them. Then I helped my aunt read bible quotes to the dieing solider on the sofa.

In the afternoon I was still just as busy, a whole new load of, what me and my aunt like to call them, "woundies." My aunt is a very good nurse, she has been teaching me very well. I could do stitches since I was 11.Good thing too, that's what I spent most of my day doing. First I took all the soilders to blankets and pillows on the floor, or to chairs, beds, or tables. Then I started writing down who I released because they no longer needed our care. These soilders were then sent back to the battle fields. I then welcomed the new "woundies" by bringing them some fresh orange jucie from the jucies aunt brought home, and a piece of bread. Finally I started stiching them up. I soon then went to bed.

I know I have an impact on the war because every day I am making soilders better. I also am suppling the North with "new soilders."  

Day 2. May 21 1962

Dear Uncle Fred,

I have heard about the Battle of Williamsburg, and I am glad that the Confederate had to withdraw, and continued to during the night. Aunt Jamie, Brother Cameron, and I miss you very dearly. I have been doing good. Also Cameron just turned 17 and when he made a wish the only thing he could think of was to have you back. We have saved many of your friends. I hope you will continue doing well. Best of Luck!

Much love,

Jamie, Mayce, & Cameron

DAy 3. May 22 1962

Today. Was terrible... We had so many woundies. Bad woundies... There were head wounds, deep chest wounds, neck, back, basically every part of a body. I had to take bullets out from wounds, i literally had both my hands in a dead mans chest. Finally, when things calmed down, I went a cooked a small, but fulfilling breakfast of 1 egg for everyone in the house. I then went out to the barn to milk the cows. In the early to late afternoon I read bible scriptures and prayed for my Uncle safe return. I cry for the men that die in my house, but in the end I know that I'm making a difference, I'm put my Uncle into the way of God to watch over him. Out of all the things the people that I save then ones that I lose do not over power.    

Day 4. May 23 1962

You'll never believe what happened I received . . . A letter from Uncle Frank!  Aunt Jamie, Cameron, and I are so happy! The letter said that he was doing good and that conditions arent the greatest

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