Chile: Let's end their problems

Two of the biggest problems are, GDP and Education in Chile. This is not too bad considering America is a very developed country. Chile is developing, but why not make it a completely developed and reliable country? Let's end these problems.


I think this low of GDP is caused by Chile's numerous earthquakes. Especially Earthquake Valdivia which was measured at  magnitude 9.5 and killed 5,000 people. Imagine the repair Chile had to undergo. Another reason Chile is far in poverty is the inflation and unemployment. Citizens confirmed a 1.5% inflation.  

We can end poverty. Their are many, many ways to do this. One cool way to do this is This website gives questions and each question you get right donates 10 grains of rice all over the world. This gives a cool way to study and donate to the needy.

Let's have sponsors here people. So one solution is to ask a sponsor out of the biggest company to start up new businesses in Chile. The biggest company and the company that has invested the most money is Walmart.

What makes their education a problem

Along with losing a lot to America in terms of education, but we also found that Chile is 32nd in education attainment. That's not to good.

Another reason for Chile's not so good education is for the region that they're in. In the region they live in nobody is able to support them

Why would they want to sponsor us?

We would us this money for food and education. If more people graduate, we would have more people at the ready for new businesses. If we had more businesses than Chile would become a reliable like America and help other countries that are still underdeveloped.


We could start a book drive! To give books so many get the education that they need. We could also make and sell t-shirts and other goods.


A great goal budget is $100,000 because it would provide for better education and the rest for donations to end poverty.

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