Products in Motion

By: Adam Holcomb

With the turn of the century, the human race's mind started to broaden. We made smarter technology, looked at new horizons, & looked toward the future. However, we are relying more on technology more than we used to. The more we make, the more we use technology.


Q #1: What is the future of books?

A: They have been electronically replicated as the Kindle, Ibooks, & among others.

Q #2: Will we soon be able to have Virtual Reality?

A: Technically, that's on the rise. You can play Quake III on the go using a Virtual Reality headset & a Virtual Reality gun.

Q #3: Can we learn life lessons from video games?

A: There was a entire "Ted Talks" episode about that. But, yes, you can.

Research Question

Can electromagnets be used in transportation?

Yes. In Asia & Europe, trains called "Magnetic Levitation trains(MagLev trains)" use electromagnets to make the cars levitate, allowing them to move at phenomenal speeds of roughly 300 mph. Now THAT's fast.

The MagLev train at a test track.

But, here's the kicker: Can electromagnets be used for CARS?

It's possible, but it would take a LONG time. Not for the car, but the ROADS. It would take extensive remodeling for the car to be DRIVABLE. That...would take a LONG time...