the PAST

With Jay Gatsby this man only cares about one thing and that's a girl named Daisy. He met her five years prior to the story but still was in love with her. His neighbor Nick, finds out that they both have a thing and Gatsby tells him that he will make Daisy love him again and that they will get married. Nick thinks this is crazy and tells him "I wouldn't ask too much of her, you cant repeat the past". Gatsby replies with "Cant repeat the past? Why of course you can." (pg110) Gatsby honestly believes that now that he has money and is no longer poor than he can finally do what hes wanted to do for so long but in the end, ends up getting more then he bargains for which leads to his death. If Gatsby were just to live his life and forget about Daisy then he would have been alive at the end and possibly be happier with a different girl. #goodnough per

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