Is Canada The Best Place To Live

Canada is not the best place to live in this presentation i will explain why

reason 1 the weather Canada is known for its  cooled weather  this will be  a problem for those who are from warmer country's like India   

Reason 2 tax Canada has a high 13% tax rate this means trouble for those who are unimplowed    

Reason 3  The final and last reason is the standert they need for you to work you need to get haired any were in the country you need to have a PhD to work at a gas station.     

Primary industry

Canada  has many industry's like oil,lumber,and energy but how much do they charge for this  things


Canada is not cheap when it comes to oil and gas you can pay up to $1.12 a gallon when added to the amount a car needs to operate this can mean hundreds of dollars a month again hard for the working class. this price is shown to only go up this is not fare to the people of this country as a fellow foreigner i understand  how hard it is to change to a gust to a new environment so it is even worse when you have to pay all your money to stay in the place you are not even comfortable in this is what we need to change

how to make it more sustainable  

the way to lower the price on something as important as oil is to save more of it so that one day   we will have more than we now what to due with

1 close some of the gas stations to prevent over use

2  use gas supplements like corn oil

3  limit amount of cars per family  

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