Tools Of The Trade

Yisneiri Monclu


Edmodo is a learning management system. It's a website where teachers, students, and parents all connect to collaborate on assignments . We could use this tool to contact our teachers about any school assignments or to be informed of any upcoming homework/projects. Some benefits of this tool are that its safe and easy to use. Also, that we could take quizzes/polls on it .


Remind is a way for teachers to text message students and keep in touch with parents. We could use this tool to ask questions about homework or other assignments. We could also use it to be reminded of any assignments that are due. Some benefits of this tool are that its safe and free. is a web tool that allows anyone to make and share visuals. We could use it to make posters and info graphics but the best part is, that it's easy and fun to use. One of its benefits is that it has already made templates there for anyone to use.


Tackk is an easy way to create creative pages on the internet. It could be used to make school projects in an organized and colorful way. Its benefits are that its easy to use and it provides different fonts, designs, colors etc.

IB Design Cycle

We use the IB Design Cycle to solve problems in a logical and organized way, using technology. It's a standard, consistent method that could be used to solve problems quicker. It's made up of four different steps; Inquiring and analyzing, Developing Ideas, Creating the solution, and Evaluating.

Inquiring and analyzing:  

I. explain and justify the need for a solution to the problem   

II. Identify the research needed to develop a solution to the problem

III. Analyze different possibilities of a solution for the problem

IV. Create a design brief that summarizes the analysis of your research

Developing Ideas:    

I. Develop a design specification

II. Develop different design ideas that could be correctly interpreted by others

III. Choose and explain WHY you chose your final design

IV. Develop detailed planning and outline the requirements for the creation of the chosen solution

Creating the Solution:

I. Construct a logical plan, sufficient enough for another person to be able to follow the steps and create the solution

II.  When making the solution, show great technical skills

III. Follow the plan to create the solution

IV. Justify any changes made to the chosen design and plan, when creating the solution

V. Present the solution either electronically or through detailed images of the solution


I. Design detailed testing methods, in order to measure how successful the solution was

II. Critically evaluate the success of the solution according to the design specification

III. Explain how the solution could be improved

IV. Explain how the solution impacted the target audience

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