Easy Steps to protect your property

How to protect you property from a virus

5 Steps to protect your property from getting a virus.1 Do not open unknown ads or e-mails that ould cause a virus called I Love You. 2 Make sure your computer has a firewall. 3 Do not give any wed site your personal information if you do not know it will be safe.4 Also another way you can get a virus if you let people use your phone,computer, tablet etc. If you do not know what wed site or what they are looking up. 5 Never ever ever go on sites that say you have to open a new link or give information in order to open the site that could also cause a virus. The I love you virus is one of the top 10 worst virus that you can get in all time. The I love you virus is a virus that traveled the internet by e-mail,Just like the Melissa virus.The subject of the e-mail said that the message was a love letter from a secret admirer. The  I love you virus caused 10 billion dollars in damages.

By  J.Chandler

sources,Information from www.How stuff works,pictures from tackk.com

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