End of the Year Procedures

It's time for the end of the year technology cleanup.  Here are the instructions for finishing up the year with a clean computer.


Please set aside some time to check all of the drives you have access to and either save or delete anything you no longer need or use.  You can save to a cd, flash drive, or upload to your Google Drive or Dropbox account. Check the Shared Drive, your H drive, Common Drive, Media Drive (if you have access to it)  Here is a link to a video explaining how to upload to your Google Drive.  http://youtu.be/9jrbI3oEgRQ

Your Computer

Back up any files on your desktop and in My Documents.  Create a folder on your desktop and save everything in that one folder.  

To save your favorites:

Open My Computer

Double click C:

Double click Users.

Double click the folder with your user name.

Right click the Favorites folder.

Choose Copy

Right click on the folder you created on your desktop and click Paste.

Once you have what you need saved to the folder you created on your desktop, you can save it to your H drive, a cd, flash drive, your Dropbox account, or your Google Drive.  


Go through your email and delete messages you no longer need.  Be sure to delete messages from your Sent folder.  When you've cleaned up your email, empty your Deleted Items folder as well.


If you have hardware in your classroom that does not work, has missing pieces, needs a bulb or ink, please submit a HEAT ticket.  It will give the Campus Techs an idea about what needs to be repaired or replaced. If you are in the lab and notice something that needs attention, please submit a HEAT ticket for that as well.


It is important that the Schoolwires end of the year cleanup takes place.  Everyone needs to clear out what is no longer needed.  This will greatly reduce the amount of space taken up on the Schoolwires server. If you have access to more than just your teacher page, be sure to clean that up, too.  

Don't Forget...

Write down passwords

Place your backup copies where you will find them in August.

Have a great, restful summer!

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