Byzantine Empire

Map of the Byzantine Empire

About the Byzantine Empire

Byzantine Empire was created by how it was the Eastern half of the old Roman.

How the Byzantine Empire, compared with the Roman Empire:
The capital of the Roman, is Rome, and the capital of Byzantine is Constantinople. The religion of the Roman, is the Roman Catholic (Christians) and the Byzantine religion is the Eastern (Greek) Orthodox (Christian). Then the language of the Roman would be Latin, and with Byzantine is Greek.

The Roman, and the Byzantine was actually split in half. The Constantinople is now the new Capital of Rome, but it's small, and just keep to them selves, and Rome is still the capital too, that's why they are split in half.

They also had an impact on Russia, the religion was the Eastern Orthodox spreading to Russia. (known as Russian Orthodox.)

They also traded by many Byzantine ideas were introduced into Russia through trading.                                -Cyrillic alphabet    -Art work (mosaics)                                                                                                  -Religion                -Architecture

Byzantine gave contributions to our society such as, the Justinian's Code: The law's of the Byzantine Empire - based on the "twelve tables" of Roman laws, become a basis for laws in many European nation, and gave us the Art and Architecture which is usually supported the Christian Church, and the Preservers of Greek and Roman culture: The Byzantine Empire saved the knowledge, art, and ideas of the old Roman and Greek cultures.

The split of Constantinople and Rome.

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