By: Junetta House

5 Facts about Inheritance Pattern:

1). There are two fully expressed alleles at the same time in codominance.

2). If a white coated horse that is a homozygous horse breeds with a red coated horse that is a heterozygous horse can have a foul that is a mixture of the two parents coat colors which is a roam color, so the foal will be a roam coated foul.

3). The CO in codominance means together, which means the dominant or recessive alleles show up together.

4).The kid from the two phenotypes is the third phenotype that has both parental traits together.


1). Cats and other animal having different colors together.

2). Horses and other animals having a mix of the parent colors.

2-3 Facts about Trait:

1). The two alleles are both a dominant phenotype.

2). Both alleles are both dominant or both recessive.




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