by: Leonel and Hannah

Chile's Highlights

Chile extends like a ribbon down the west coast of South America for over 4000 kilometers but averages 150 kilometers wide.

Climate and Weather

Most of Chile has a mountain climate with perpetual snow and glaciers. Precipitation is low in the northern mountains, and so the snowline is high. Northern Chile is one of the driest regions. Average daily maximum temperatures range from 63 F in July to 82 F in March.

Hotels, Campgrounds and Transportation

In Chile the term hotel is referred to the most upmarket accommodation. There is campgrounds throughout Chile. You can travel on buses, trains, cars and airplanes

Art and Culture

Art in Chile works as a reflection that safeguards the cultural heritage of the country. Chile has two lively and contrasting cultures: the composition culture of the affluent urban population, ant the popular culture of the peasants, which is mainly Spanish but contains traces from American heritage.

Restaurants and Food

Restaurants: Zabo Bellavista, Xoco Por Ti - Chocolate Bar, Naoki, and Jewel of india.

Popular Food: Arrollado de Chancho, Bistec a lo pobre, Carbonada, Chancho en Piedra.

Recreations and Entertainment

Sports: Soccer, Skiing, Surfing and Rodeo.

The standard of cultural life is low in general but Santiago has some excellent museums and theatres.State of the art cinemas are found in large cities and show the latest blockbusters and some local films.

Historic Sites

Cementerio General de Santiago and Easter Island are the two historic sites in Chile.

Places to visit


Chile doesn't have the diversity or quality or handcrafts that you will find in Peru or Bolivia, and the prices here are more expensive, especially in Santiago and the Central Valley.

Travel Tips

  • If you are flying to Chile then confirm international flights at least 72 hours before flight. Flights range from 8 to 11 hours.
  • Long-distance buses are safe and affordable. Luxury bus travel between cities costs about one-third that of plane travel and is more comfortable.
  • Certain areas of Chile are most enjoyable when explored on your own in a car. Drivers in Chile are not particularly aggressive, but neither are they particularly polite.
  • Boats and ferries are the best way to reach many places in Chile.

Travel Advisory

Whatever your passions or desires, Chile has it all: glistening salt flats; gorgeous wine country framed by an Andean backdrop; wild whitewater rapids; sea kayaking; country lanes perfect for biking; trekking and skiing in the stunning Andean peaks; surreal cityscapes in poetic Valparaíso; and more.

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