Dwight Eisenhower

Biography project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th Grade labguage Arts class:By -Trent M

Dwight Eisenhower was a commander in both of the world wars and was the former 34th president.

1.Dwight Eisenhower

2.Trent Marcum

3.biography project for mrs.Hemrys 8th grade language arts class

4.a picture of your person up there

5.when Dwight was born oct. 14 1890 and died march 28 1969

6.The world war one and world war 2 effected Dwight life because he was a commender in the war

7.Dwight Eisenhower had no child hood he said because his dad was abusive and his mom was scare to help Dwight also Dwight got bulled in school a lot

8.people who influenced Dwight the military influenced Dwight the most and he later joined the military

9.unique facts As a teenager, Eisenhower injured his leg, and the infection became so bad that doctors considered amputation. He was forced to repeat his freshman year of high school, but his leg healed completely. Also Dwight was the 34th president.

10.Accomplishments we was a commander in both world wars, and was the 34th president.

11.the theme of Dwights life is hard

12.Dwights words of advice There is no glory in battle worth the blood it costs.


14.2 videos

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