My Trip to Ecuador
By: Scott Booth

Ecuador is an amazing place to me because of all the amazing places and foods they have, Above is a picture of the Ecuador flag. In 2009, Ecuador had a population of 13.6 million people and they speak Quechua and spanish. The Capital City in Ecuador is Quito, Their currency (type of money) is dollars (same as U.S.), and two neighboring countries of Ecuador are PerĂº and Colombia. Below is a Map of Ecuador, all neighboring countries of Ecuador, and all the major cities in Ecuador.

Three Famous Places in Ecuador

One famous place in Ecuador is the church which is interesting for its amazing wooden crafted doors and the art displayed in the church.

Another famous place is Puerto Egas because of the fascinating eroded shapes form lava pools and caves, an amazing view.

The last famous place is the cathedral because of the interesting religous works of art made from the artist from the Quito School. Enjoy the picture below of Ecuador.

Three Famous Expressions in Ecuador

Three expressions that the people use are Precio de Huevo which means that the price of something is CHEAP. Another is Ino seas Filatico which means Don't be a Smart Alec. The last expression that they use is Ichendo Which means Just Joking, FUNNY.

Ecuador's Famous Foods

When I went to Get something to eat because I was hungry, I say this amazing looking restaurant and saw all the amazing food they had I had to dig in. By the time I was finished, I could barely move from all the fantastic yet interesting and weird looking food.

Climate/Weather of Ecuador

The general climate/weather in Ecuador is always mid-cold or to be more specific, the temperature is always from the 40s to the 60s. It sounds cold, but as long as you have a coat, the place is wonderful, never too hot and never too cold, It is the most magnificent place ever in my opinion.

Easter Week

In this festival is a ritual of God by having shirtless men baring crosses down the street each one representing Jesus. It continues until 3pm the purported hour of Jesus' death.

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