Avery Busta

My career is arts, media, and entertainment

I chose this picture above because it really shows the meaning and purpose of what your doing in this career. It kind of shows the art and entertainment part about it.

5 reasons why I chose this career:     1.   I love acting and plays and I think it really fits well for me.2.  I think I could make a pretty good living out of this and the salary is 100 k. 3.  It's a really fun career that you can easily enjoy and get paid for doing it. 4. It is something that you can do until you are like 60 unlike other jobs. 5. Because it involves so many people that you get to know a lot of people that are in arts, media, and entertainment as well.         LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION     

Requirements of education and coursework for this career:  You have to be good at technology and have a good academic background, and good interpersonal skills. To be in this career you have to have very good self-discipline, time managing, and meet strict deadlines. This career includes stuff used by materials and tools to have primary creative expression.
                                                             The career salary is at least 100 k. Thats what I'm shooting for.                    theres  more scroll down below the  picture-

Here are some of the resources i used.  Statecenter.com, www.myfuture.com   whodouwant2be.com   my document with all my career cafe stuff and info.

3 related careers to this one  is music Dj. A music Dj can make a party more fun than it really is.  child education development because it takes the same requirements needed as my career does. And a journalist because you are working with technology which you are also doing in my career. And both of these careers help the world become a more fun ,nd better place.

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