A tornado happens when there is air rising at two different heights and they mix which makes the circular motion of the tornado. Then the rain and hail in the thunderstorm cause the tornado to touch the ground and then the tornado becomes more stronger because it can move and destroy more easily. Usually, you will get moist air from the gulf of Mexico and when you get cool air from Canada.

A tornado that is forming

Impact On Human Life

Now we have tornado sirens and warnings about tornados that are coming so that we can take shelter and be safe. Also even if the power is out, and you can't watch the news to see if a tornado is coming, now we have the ability to go on our phones and watch the news or search the internet to see if a tornado is going to be coming.

How Do We Prepare For Tornados?

You can build your house out of concrete or bricks and no windows to prevent ornados from destroying our houses. Also when a tornado is coming, you can go in your basement so that you can have shelter so that you're underground in your basement so that you're safe.


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