Many know me for what I do, but in case you don't, I'm Alastor. God of Family Feuds and avenger of evil deed's.

Don't make me mad or you'll regret it. Also, stay out of my way
Evil: profoundly immoral and malevolant


Evil is the best thing that can happen to anyone. Evil is a huge part of my life, and will always be. Just look at me, I'm feared by most due to the fact that I am EVIL!!!!

Favorite Movie: The Avengers

The avengers is my favorite movie, because Loki is in it. Loki is a bright mastermind and is pure evil. He even attempts to kill his brother just to conquer the world. Loki is like the brother I never had. Loki isn't just the main theme here what about all that action. Did you see all that chaos in that trailer due to the aliens? Man, those aliens were beautiful, I bet Hades "pets" would be jealous of those precious beast's.

Favorite Place

My favorite place to go would be New York, because with all that violence there I can commit my atrocities and have fun with all those mortals that I shall make suffer!!!

Ahh. New York and its violence; that's all I need

Favorite Food

Spicy Mint Beef. Yumm!!

My favorite food is Spicy Mint Beef (above), because mortals prove themselves "manly" with these kind of things, so I proved that I can take anything challenge or not. Plus, this food reminds me of my good ole' friend Hades and his home. How long has it been since I last visited?

Favorite Show: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is my favorite show not just cause of the blood and gore, but also, just because there's "walkers" it doesn't mean that they're the only problem, but also the living can cause trouble, check this out.

That man right there is the "Governor" and he is evil:). He tries to kill the main character Rick Grimes. So therefore I love this show cause there is also bad people in this show.

Favorite Book: IT

My favorite book: SPOOKY!!!

This book is my favorite, because the clown kills the kids, to eat them and there's no doubt that that this clown is evil, and when you see the movie or read the book, I assure you it will leave you with a chill down your spine.

Favorite Sport: Football


This sport is intense, and I like it, because you have all these players hitting each other with such intense force, and look at this guy he is bleeding:)Like IT!! It isn't all just about the hitting, but also the skill of running, throwing, and catching.

Pet Peeves: Movies were Good Triumphs over EVIL:(

Example of that movie where EVIL loses:(

This is an example of my pet peeve, cause I hate when good always triumphs and it annoys me. HEY!!! Hollywood make a real movie not these wussie types!!


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