Efrain Rios Montt
by Hailey Dezso

1)          Who is Efrain Montt ?

Born On June 6,1926 in Huehuetenango Guatemala.At a young age he joined the army. In 1947. He worked his way up the ranks and became a Brigadier, which is a lower form of general. He served as director of the " Inter-American Defense collage" in Washington D.C then went back to Guatemala to run for presidential candidate and lost the election. After the election Montt  was sent to Spain on military duty and then exiled. During his exile he practiced the Evangelical Bible, which plays a big part of his reign as dictator. He joined a coup Jinta with three other whom he over threw to become the dictator. Montt's reign as dictator led to bloody civil war and millions of deaths caused by war and from montts orders so he could stay in power. In the early 20000's he was stripped of his powers of dictator due to the growing hate for him. In 2013 Montt was arrested for crimes against humanity and political corruption.

2)                         His Trial

                                                             2013 Trial

This video is about hope that this trial will not only give justice and peace but to send a message that they won't let history repeat Itself. Montt tried to appeal, but failed. The court has all the documents about what happened, who was involved and what laws were broken during the genocide of 1982-83. Montts head general was also put on trial for crimes against Humanity.

3)                    Creative Piece



M- Murderer he killed millions.

O- Obfuscate means to obscure or to darken, Montt left the country in a state of darkness.

N- Naufrageous  means to  in a state of danger or ruins, which montt did threaten his people and left his country in ruins.

T- Terrifying people feared what he was going to do next.

T- The man who everyone feared.                                                                                                          

4) Essential Question

Montt felt he did  what needed to be done and helped the country, but did he really help the country..