5G Homework 22nd May
May the Force Be With You....

Coding - Scratch....

Over the past few weeks you have been learning about different forces.  Next week you will be using Scratch to create your own 'Forces Game'. The game will be aimed at a Year 2 audience. Over the weekend think about what forces you would like to include in your game and how you will illustrate them. What will be your theme? Have a look at the resources Tackk below. We will be using these activities to help us to develop our coding skills and then to use and apply them to create our own games.

This is the rubric we will be using.


Well done for completing your activities this week and to those children who made it onto the Mathletics Asia Top 50! This week I have put some shape activities on Mathletics for you to complete at home.


Write a post on your Blog (on your Target page) illustrating some examples of your writing target in action. Use this picture to inspire you. You could also use your writing rubric from this week - AF1 and AF7.