James Monroe

By: Cheyenne Green


  • Presidential #: 5
  • President before him: James Madison
  • President after him: John Quincy Adams
  • Years served as President: 8
  • His vice-president: Daniel D. Tompkins
  • Political Party: Democratic-Republican Party


  •   Birthplace: Virginia
  • He enrolled at the college of William and Mary but soon droped out to join rebellion against King George.
  • Home tutored initailly and at the age of 16 was enrolled at Campbelltown Academy.
  • Occupation/Profession (before becoming  president): soldier, lawer, U.S senator, and governor of Virginia.


  • James Monroe is dead.
  • He died of Tuberculosis, Heart failure.
  • He was the age of 73 (1758-1831)
  • He died in New York City, NY.


  • Came up with the Monroe Doctrine.
  • Expanded U.S Territory via the acquinsition of Florida from Spain.
  • Was the last president during the First Party System era of American politics and the last to be a Founding Father.
  • Presided over the highly conterversal Missouri Compromise of 1820, which admitted Missouri e Union as a slave state. The President this set for acheiving statehood became a major issue until the abolition of slavery.
  • Once chased the Secretary of the Treasury out of the White House with a pair of fire tongs.

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