Manuel Noriega

Emma Chauvette

  1) Manuel Noriega was a military leader of Panama from 1983-1990.  He ran a corrupt government, and was a harsh leader. In 1990, The United States invaded Panama, driving him out of leadership and forcing him to surrender. Noriega was suspected of gun trafficking, money laundering, torture, murder, drug trafficking, and involvement in the death of former leaders. This enraged panamas people and Noriega was largely disliked among the country. He responded by closing off all public news like radio stations and news papers. The invasion of Panama was the result of an outraged United States.

2)  This source gives an excellent overview of Manuel Noriega's background and leadership. It gives insight on how his leadership started out, and how people saw him as a mystery before his rumors. The video gives great information on how Noriega had strong ideas and dreams and relates back to how he decided to use his leadership and power. The video has a lot of detail of Noriega's leadership through his point of view, showing his side of the story and giving information on who he was as a person rather then only the side of him that is known as a murderer and drug dealer.                                               

3)     Dear Manuel Noriega,   

         Last year, I was quite happy with the idea of having an educated military leader at the power of my country. But, after hearing all of the accusing and rumors of drug trafficking, murder, and more, I believe that you are in no shape to lead a country.  The rest of the country feels the same way, hence why hundreds of protests against you are in place. I can only imagine what you are feeling, hopefully it is regret and sorrow rather then rage and revenge. Our country will fight to have a leader who has not been accused of drug deals or murder,  even the US is getting involved with the situation due to the outrageous events. I am writing this letter to kindly let you know how 90% of citizens of this country feel about you and your leadership.. we want you to resign. If protests and letters will not convince you to end this ruthless leadership, then we will only have to go to drastic measures to get our country in a risk-free leadership.

                                 Sincerely, a Common citizen of Panama

4)  How did Manuel Noriega's leadership have an impact on more then just panama?

Manuel's leadership led more then just panama to anger, Panama was not the only country who were protesting to force Noriega to surrender. United States was largely angered by the actions of Noriega causing the invasion of Panama and the surrender of Noriega. Without the help of foreign affairs of the US, Noriega may not have surrendered so soon. His leadership and actions had an impact on not only Panama, but USA as well.

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