1.) Type of government in India?

India has a Federal Republic type of government.

2.) The leader of India?

The Prime Minster would be the leader of India cause of the most power he holds.

3.) How is the leader chosen?

The prime minster of India is elected by the Parliament.

4.) Type of Legislatures?

India's Parliament is bicameral it holds two houses the first is House of the People , and the Council of the States.

5.) How are the Legislatures chosen?

The president  is elected by a electoral college made of members of both houses of parliament and legislative Assemblies. The vice president is elected by electoral college  members of both houses of parliament.

6.) Rights of citizens(voting age)?

Indians have to be eighteen or older to vote . And people join political parties according to their religion, caste, and language.

7.) The similarities of India's government to another  governments in the world?

The United States are Republic also,but we only have little in common such as we both have and president, vice president, and cabinet. And we don't have an prime minster but India does.

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