Adolf Hitler

The main themes of Hitler's political beliefs were antisemitism, anti-communism, Aryan race superiority, and German nationalism. Hitler believed that Jewish people were the source for a variety of political, social, economic, and ethical problems facing the German people. Hitler and the Nazis ordered anti-Jewish boycotts, staged book burnings, and enacted anti-Jewish legislation. With the beginning of World War II and the invasion of the Soviet Union, a new era of destruction where genocide would become key focus of Nazi anti-antisemitism. To justify the murder of the Jews, Germany derived Jews as being communist aids. Hitler hated communist because in his mind, communism was the primary enemy of Germany. Hitler was against Marxism, which is a political view that focuses on class relations and societal conflict. He had a very strong German Nationalism about him. He was first influenced by other Austrian German nationalists in Austria-Hungary. German Nationalism was the key point of Hitler and the Nazi's and their support for the German people and the German nation.

Kim Jong-il

Kim Jong il ruled over the belief of Juche which is a political belief formed by Kim II-Sung, Kim Jong il's father. Juche was set into a set of principles that the government uses to decide its policy decisions. Among these are a strong military posture and reliance on Korean national resources. Juche has also been accused of being a form of political religion despite North Korea's commitment to state atheism. Kim Jong il has introduced an ideological philosophy referred to as Korean-style socialism. He introduced this concept in a speech in 1990 that stated that North Korea needed, and survived, because of "Socialism of Our Style." He said that socialism in Europe failed because they copied the "Soviet experience" and they failed to understand that the Soviet experience was based on specific historical and social circumstances and could not be used by other countries except the Soviet Union itself. Kim believed that Juche defined and strengthened Korean socialism

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