Don't Look Down!

Target Writing Session

I wonder.....
What different things do you think the boys can see?
How do you think they are feeling?
Who is travelling in the plane?
Do you think the pilot is aware of their presence?
Why do you think the boys are on the plane’s wing?
How high up do you think they are?

“Look! Look down there!” His voice could just about be heard above the sound of the aeroplane’s engine and the shrieking wind howling in their ears.

“Can you see it?”...............

Success Criteria


have an exciting opening that hooks the reader, a problem and a resolution.

have a description of the setting and main character.


contain speech from characters.

use powerful verbs and adjectives.

use adverbs to show characters’ feelings.


use similes to improve description.

use a variety of sentences, including long, short and questions to add tension and suspense