Catching Fire Double Feature

This is a picture if when I went to the Catching Fire Premiere with my friends in November. The top left is the cup I got and underneath that is the lanyard that came with the double feature, the top right is the big poster that was in front of the theater, and underneath that is dog tag that also came with the double feature. For those of you who don't know a double feature is when you see the first and second movie which I did when I saw catching fire in IMAX which is just a higher def screen i know you re amazed haha just kidding.

Alysha and Kayla!!

This is Kayla and Alysha I met them at the begging of the year. This is a picture from when they took my phone and started taking selfies..... I met Kayla because my friend from last year was on her softball team and knew I was going to this school so she told her to talk to me and that's how we met. I don't really know how alysha and I met……

This is the time I went to Disney with my friend

This is the time I went to Disney land with a couple of my friends in June. It was really fun I also had my sister their with her friend also our moms came we had great time. I also went in March with my family, but that's a different time.

This is a place in NewYork City

This is a picture of when I went to go its some of my family In NY during the summer. We ended up going to the city and this s a picture of when we were walking and saw a bunch of brands on this poster thing. We also saw a broadway show Mama Mia, it was the 6th show I saw on Broadway.

This is a picture of when my sister,,our cousin, and I went to see them in Vegas. there were two stages and we were near the second stage. I'm also seeing them here in September.

this a picture of when I went to the Bahamas over the summer. There was a lot of pools,slides,and water attractions. This is the view from my room.

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