The gardener by S. A Bodeen

Fabian Nevarez May 15, 2015

I think the story is about a human tree thats called the gardener.

Evolution is a change in heritable traits it in the Gardenrer is important because they want the changes that take place in a species over time.

Autotroph is a organism that produces complex in the Gardener its important because it can turn into different things they want.

Heterotroph an organism that cannot fix carbon in the Gardener its important because there organisms that get there nutrients and they want those nutrients for the experiment.

photosthesis is a process used by plant and other organism to convert light energy in the Gardener its important because oragnisms that have to get their nutrients. from other organisms the want.

she wakes up when the dvd passes that one part because every kid that is there has there own story that makes them sleep and a part that makes them wake

the father is the gardener because mason went to his office and he listened to the voice and it sounded like the voice of his dad from the video.

Melby falls is were mason lived trodyn is were you can get a good scoler portland is were there were going to find Dr Emerson.

I think human experimentation not right because theres people that can die or get hurt but at the same time they find cures for us.

global warming is already having significant and harmful effects on our communites yes climate change is harmful.

food crisisis suffering from long hunger and nutrition climate change is all the things that is changing with water and otherthings less water ,grasscrops etc we wont be able to have more food and water and other materials and the world would be empty without that it would not exist.

the dear furture generation sorry was like the gardener because both of them were like empty deserts and trapped with nothing left at all the beauty of it was gone.

in the gardener S.A Bodeen and dear furture generation sorry by prince E.A the authors discuss the seventh generations principle and how it affects the environment.

the karner blue is a blue butterfly it lives in a place called lupines problem is there destorying its habitat.

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