Italys Renewabler Resoures

This is a picture of a Geithermal Energy plant. Geothermal Energy is about 7% of the total renewable energy in Italy in 2010. The total energy from Geothermal was 5,376 GWh also in 2010. Italy is the fifth country by geothermal installed capacity.

This is a picture of a wind farm. Italy is the worlds seventh largest producer of wind power. The energy from the 487 farms account for 19% of there renewable energy produced in Italy in 2010. The total energy produced in 2010 was 8,787 GWh, with an increase of 29% from the year before.

This is a picture of a solar panel. Solar power in Italy has been increasing rapidly in recent years with the country ranking among the world's largest producers of electricity from solar power. Solar power accounted for 7% of the electricity generated in Italy during 2013.

This picture is a hydroelectric power plants. Italy is the world`s 14th largest producer of hydroelectric power, with a total of 50,582 GWh produced in 2010. Eclectic energy from hydro accounted for about 18% of the national electricity production in 2010.

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