Rocks rock

Nature untouche

This is one of the best sights of hydrabad yet people are destroying it.why? You ask well I'll  tell you why because we need a good house the builder wants money the government wants development  and few people want nature to survive everyone against a few nature lovers.we just can't win.

This is nature going to be touched  the blue fence means construction happening or going to happen.

The breaking of the rocks is not totally bad because most compound walls are now made of the waste of rock material.this is my neighbours wall.

These are some flats coming up in hi-tech city. It breaks my heart to see this

I found this man breaking rocks I got a little angry but my mom said it's not his fault he is just trying to make a little money.

There is only two ways  to solve this problem which are stop making fancy buildings and start making eco friendly buildings second  leave the rocks found. For example you are a rock someone comes and starts breaking you think about that

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