Torts: the wrong doing of a person, leading to civil law liability.

The wrong doing of a person, under contract, leading to civil law liability.

A-salt and Battery!

Act of threatening a person with physical abuse, or touching patient without patients consent.

Ex: If a nurse were to get upset with a patient, and harmfully put their hands on them. Hitting, Scratching, Touching, Pushing, ect...

Informed Consent!

Informed Consent is the act of making a patient aware of the risks and consequences of what they are participating in.

Ex: A doctor must make a patient sign a informed consent contract before surgeries. If the patient denies medical attention, they must sign informed consent to show they knew what was going on.

Invasion of Privacy!

The act of invading others personal affairs by intruding their personal business, publicizing him/her in false light, or using them for personal gain.

Ex: A nurse or doctor disclosing information about a patient to family, friends, or colleagues.

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