#SpringBreak #Kettner #Tech42

* Belle F. *

Okay, so there's not much to know about me. I'm 14, I have three siblings; two brothers & one sister, & four dogs. I moved out of some place around Spokane & into Liberty Lake before first grade started. And for some reason, my family is absolutely obsessed with anything Disney, so of course my older sister had to get married there a few years ago.

For spring break, I was going to fly down to Arizona with my friend & stay the week with her, but my mom said I couldn't. So I spent my whole week at home. I hung out with friends, went penny boarding around Liberty Lake, & watched Netflix a lot because it's like the best thing ever. I also stayed on my phone like 24/7 because why not???

To celebrate Easter, my family & I went out to my grandparents' house on the shore of Loon Lake.

My friend & I went around Liberty Lake on our penny boards, trying to find new trails to hike through so we could take scenery pictures because we're lame & Tumblr.

We were out riding our boards in the dark & the whole time, we thought cars were following us & it really creeped us out, so we jumped behind trees every time we heard a car pass.

I also hung out with this nerd, & that's about it. I had a pretty boring spring break. (She told me to put this picture in the Tackk.)