How Is Our Government Doing?

Jessica Wu

After Iran deal, Obama and Kerry pivot to Middle East peace

This shows how our government is providing for the common defense. The government is preventing attacks from foreign nations by creating peace between them. President Obama and John Kerry are trying to negotiate peace between Israel and Palestine. Although there are many challenges, they are very determined to make it happen.

US pledges security support to Russia ahead of Sochi games

This is an example of how our government is insuring domestic tranquility. They are trying to keep people safe because there are threats of an attack at the Sochi Olympics. They are worried because recently, there have been other bombing attacks in Russia. They think terrorists might also target the Olympics. The State Department has issued a warning for travel to the games.

Federal judge strikes down Okla. same-sex marriage ban

This shows how the government is establishing justice. They are making fair laws so all citizens will being treated equally. A federal judge ruled that Oklahoma's gay marriage ban violates the U.S. Constitution. He decided that the equality of lesbian and gay couples is guaranteed by the Constitution. Same sex couples are also citizens so I believe that they deserve the rights as everyone else.

1.3 million to lose unemployment benefits as Obama pushes for aid extension

This shows how our government is making an effort to promote the general welfare. President Obama is trying to help unemployed from losing their benefits. There is an estimated 1.3 million people who will be cut off when unemployment payments are cut off. He is offering support to the two senators who are trying extend the federal jobless aid. He says that the abrupt cut off in cash will hurt economic growth and and jobs.