Breaking News!!!

Dr. Beaker manages to set his house on fire!

Above is a photo of Dr. Beakers house as it goes up in flames!

Dr. Beaker was working on a science experiment when he accidently set Dr. Bunsens's labcoat on fire. Luckily Dr. Bunsen was very aware and was able to remove the labcoat, and stop, drop, and roll before he was burnt. Although Dr. Bunsen was okay, the entire lab managed to catch on fire! Both the doctors were able to escape, but the house has burned down. This is just another of Dr. Beaker's many incidents.

What they could have done to prevent the fire...

  • Keeping a fire extinguisher on hand during experiments.
  • Being more cautious and aware of the surroundings.
  • Keep a fire blanket handy.
  • Don't be careless around the flame.

What they did correctly...

  • Stop, Drop, and Roll.
  • They evacuated quickly and quietly.
  • Dr. Bunsen quickly removed the labcoat when it caught on fire.

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