When i grow up i want to be a Veterinarian here is what i have learned about being a vet

You need to get a doctor or veterinary medicine degree you get paid 84,460 dollars .During the day a vet must give different animals checkups for until there time is up. They only get one lunch break every day, but you only get a few minutes to eat some lunch. Sometimes times the animal office stays up all night, so some people work a night shift and a day shift. Some people work for a few hours some people don't.

3 interesting facts about a veterinarian

1.They give animals check ups.

2.They tell if theres somthing wrong or not to owner.

3.If they do need medicine tell the owner and tell what medicine.

Why I want to become a veterinarian                                                                                                   I love animals, and I don't like to see them hurt or sick ,and I give good observations.i like to be helpful,and I am very careful witch means i probably wont make

\ive good observations and I like to be helpful.  I am very careful witch means I probably wont make any mistakes.                                           I love animals witch means I wont yell at them.                                                                              I am very caring witch means I will try to help them as fast as I can.

Websites I used for research