Engineering in 6th Grade

Learning how to build to fail

These teachers are building a strong base - can they keep it up?

What are these teachers doing? Are they asking questions? Finding solutions? Problem solving?


Asking questions is a fundamental part of any engineering project. Do you hear the teachers asking each other questions and asking questions about their materials?


Why is failure important? Because you won't be able to make something until you know how far you can go.

Ins't this great?

What engineering skills do you see Jason doing in this picture?

What engineering skills do you see in this picture?

What else can you do with your Ladibug?

Record your students reading their own writing. This will work to show evidence of growth because you can take this videos from different times throughout the year.

You can record your students understanding of math by recording them and watching how they think. Again, you can use this to show evidence of growth.