I portray myself as quiet in the class room and louder at recess. I portray myself as no talking to someone unless I specifically know their talking to me (sometimes ignoring people but not meaning to be rude). I portray myself as energetic at recess by usually playing catch with friends. I also consider myself as not so confident. Always second guess and think over on what to do. To make sure I don’t do anything wrong.

Some times when I am with friends I fell more confident and portray a different personality (or even an alter- ego). I can become crazy, self centred, and loud than I usually am. I will have a conversation with a random person at a store. I will say hi to someone I might not necessarily know. I become really friendly to strangers. I become more open to conversation. I will talk a lot about random things. I will get excited for no apparent reason.

I wish I could be less shy when I am not with my friends and have a little more confidence. I wish to have more good friends. I am quite happy with how I am.

My digital footprint is quite low. I only have Imessage and face time. I have two people to contact other then my family and usually only text one of them. I text on and off. It can be a week before I text the person back or she texts me.

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