Archeology Today

Ancient Kush The King of Acomplishments
by: Marco Raffin


(1600-1100 B.C.E)

Kush linked central and southern Africa to Egypt. Before kush was ruled by Ancient Egypt, Kush takes advantage and rules more so they started to get more power like gold, respected and troops.

Kushites Pharaophs (730-650 B.C.E)

Nearly ruled Egypt for a century. As Kush took advantage of Egypt they ruled so much that they ruled over the century that kept alot of power.

(590-410 B.C.E)

Mereo was the new capital. They ruled a lot, So much gold and powerthat they started a new Capital.

(300'S b.c.c-350 C.E)

Kush also revived the African practice of female leadership the first kushes queen called Awareness. In kush alot of things was possible because they had so mush power that a Women Was a ruler and ruled for a long time.

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