Theme at Discovery Middle School

By: Austyn Evans

I believe that the theme at Discovery Middle School is to express students individuality.

The theme at Discovery Middle School is to express students individuality. For example we get to wear what we want to wear not what someone is telling us to wear. We do not have school uniforms that means that we get to show are style and express ourselves.

It means that I am not like everyone else I try to stand out in the crowd.

Another reason I believe that the theme is express students individuality is because we have many clubs that we get to do, including art club, math club, and book club and many more. We all like different things and we all want to do those things. So we have club that we can show what we like and express ourselves.

Last reason is that I think the theme at Discovery is express students individuality is because, we all have different friends that help us express ourselves for instance when people are walking down the hallway they are hanging out with their friends. Our friends let us show our real individuality, we can be ourselves around them. These are many reasons what makes us individual from one another.

These are an example of what the student make. They are nothing alike that is what makes people love them.

Be Yourself!

By: AnthropologyYo

Being comfortable in your own skin is a beautiful thing.

Confidence in one's self makes the soul sing.

Get know yourself better,

Only then can you be yourself, no matter the weather.

You are your own best friend.

Nonetheless, all those other friendships don't need to end!

Don't be blind

To the fact that you are one of a kind.

This is an example of what some student like to do in their free time. To express themselves.


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