The Man Against the Machine

Mike Morgan - a pizza guy

If we go into the gym on Friday and work out our biceps, we will not be strong Saturday morning. That event will not appreciably increase the strength or size of our arms. If we eat right on Wednesday, we won’t wake up on Thursday feeling and looking great. If we study on Monday we do not wake up a genius on Tuesday. So why do we do things like this? Why do we spend our time on activities that don’t show immediate benefit? Because we know if we add up all the Monday’s, Friday’s and Wednesday’s it will begin to amount to something. The accumulation of that focused effort will begin to show itself in gains. The little blocks will create big blocks. Big blocks that are worth the effort. These efforts fuel the machine inside of you that builds your life. The concept of accumulating gains is not new. People understand that anything that requires time and effort to do must be attacked with consistent effort.

For a moment I would ask that you consider the other side of accumulation. Accumulation has a darker and more sinister side. In the absence of positive accumulation the machine doesn’t stop. The machine doesn’t sit quietly in the dark and wait for you to start doing something positive. The machine is at work. When you are not studying, it is building new big blocks. Except these blocks are made of Vine videos, Instagram pictures, television shows, etc. All of your activities accumulate. You cannot build a brick house with glass or a glass house with brick. What are you capable of building with your activities? What do you want to build? Is your machine building the things that will help you reach your goals? Or is your machine accumulating worthless garbage that glitters in the moment and distracts you from the life you want for yourself? Be sure that if you take charge of the machine or choose to ignore it, the building will continue. Your consistent activities will accumulate whether you want them to or not. Take some time to analyze what the end game of that accomplishment will be. Take charge of the blocks coming out of your machine.

“We are all self-made, but only the successful will admit it.” – Earl Nightengale