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Million Dollar Sales and Email Templates

Your high school teacher lied to you.

How can you compose an excellent piece of copy your visitors can not resist?

I don't care what your high school English teacher told you... it has little to do with your writing skills and grammar knowledge.

Composing sales material is all about knowing individuals.

(...so if you have ever misplaced a comma, or did not use a semicolon, don't sweat it.)

And getting people (notably your customers) to take action is really much simpler than you think...

You do not want a Ph.D. in psychology. Or an extensive writing background.

What do you need to appeal to your audience and convert higher?

You've gotta acquaint yourself with your market. What is driving them crazy? Where do they wish they were?

Ask yourself these questions every time before you write.

You'll notice an enormous shift in your answer rates.

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