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Lesly galarza

(915)923-4130.                      _adorelesly.com.            2471 Tierra Nancy.          Glalar@Gmail.com.         to be a forensic scientist and figure out the world's criminals

Education: 2004-2005 (pre-k) Cooley

2005-2014 (k-8) Paso del Norte

2014-2018(9-12) pebble hills

Experience : 2012-2015    investigated a crime scene & helped out kids

Skills :patient ,good listner & talker . Deticated

Persuasive essay

"Without justice and love ,peace will always be the great illusion "-unknown . The world needs more good people because the world's peace is fading and there has to be a balance in this world .

  "An eye for an eye will only make the world blind". Revenge ,anger, grudges, jealousy are all factors why the worlds peace is fading. we need more good people to overcome these factors . So these factors won't over power us .For example people don't find peace until they let go of one or more of these factors . Until you stop holding a grudge or you start trusting or even learning to forgive may help find peace .

The balance that there once was is now gone.  The world neeeds more good people because there has to be a good balance . One bad person that there is can over power more than 10 people ! Too many bad people will end up ruling this world.  Where are all of the good actions ?

With more peace and the balance there was will create more good people in his world

Lesly galarza itzel

4398 Tierra Bella

El Paso Texas 79938

May 18,2015

Miguel Trevizo

Educator (9-12)

Dear Mr.Trevizo,                I am a graduate from Pebble Hills High school .I am a very well educated student . I work hard until the job is done . I will always put in 100% effort in my work ! In all of my work . I will never slack off.  I am very respectful . I have work experience I have worked for in criminal cases during the past summer's and in all of them I have been able to figure out the criminal . You will have trust in me . And for work I will be free 24/7 . Thank you or your time .

With care,

Lesly Galarza

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