Water Quality, Rivers, and Lakes
By: Jordan Gutierrez

Flood Plains

This picture is part of the upper Mississippi river by Corbis Corporation

A Flood Plain is the relatively flat land adjacent to a river channel that is underwater when the rivers floods.

Water Sheds

This picture drawn by the US Forest Service.

A watershed is high water, into low water, into a bigger body of water.

Great Basin

Great Basin is a non- moving were salt evaporates and leaves behind the salt.

Head Water

Headwaters is extreme upper reaches of a stream. Also light blocked trees making plant life in the stream scarce.


This picture is on Wikipedia and doesn't say who took the picture

Source is water comes from.

Mouth/ Delta

This image shows mouth/ delta.

The mouth/ delta is the big part of water and sediment deposited where a river flows into an ocean.

Down River

This image is by

A down river is between headwaters, and floodplain.


This image is by Mark Flagler.

Divide means a border of a watershed, what separates different bodies of water.


Tributary is a stream of water which flows into a main stream.

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