By: Eddy Enriquez

The Basic Facts

Population- 48.32 million

Language Spoken- The official language spoken is Spanish

Capital City- Bogotá

Currency (type of money)- Colombian Pesos\

Neighboring Countries- Venezuela and Brazil

Map of Colombia

Famous Places in Colombia

1- Bogotá

2- Cartagena

3- Cali

Expressions Used

1- Sapear is to Snitch or betray

2- Torear is to provoke someone or to get them angry

3- Mono/a is blonde

Popular Food and Drinks

1- Chunchullo which is fried cow or poultry intestines that have been stuffed

2- Arepa which is perfect as a side of a meal its a bread made from cornmeal

Climate and Geography

The land is pretty much mountains all around and the climate average is 24 degrees Celsius

Pictures of Colombia

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Colombian Cultural Festival

This is their type of Independence day. I feel like its kind of like a Mexican Fiesta because its full of dancing, little shows that show some type of culture of their country, bands preforming, little shops set up selling jewelry, food, clothing, etc.  Everyone just dances the day away. The performers get everyone hyped up by their music and you see people just start dancing while waiving their mini Colombia flags. To me its just a way to come to together and celebrate their countries day. Its just like our 4th of July just without all the fireworks.

Colombian Wars

In 1964 the Colombian Conflict began. It is an ongoing low-intensity asymmetric war between the Colombian Government, Paramilitary Groups, Crime syndicates and Left-wing Guerrillas.

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